Past Eventsโ€ฆ

Date Venue / Locale

9-Sep-19 Flowers For All Occasions, NYC

8-Sep-19 Private Rooftop, NYC

2-Sep-19 Project Parlor, NYC

23-Jul-19 The Well, NYC

13-Jul-19 Project Parlor, NYC

30-Jun-19 Flowers For All Occasions, NYC

25-Jun-19 Muchmore's NYC

15-Jun-19 Little Skips, NYC

28-May-19 Arlene's Grocery, NYC

27-May-19 Project Parlor, NYC

21-May-19 Gold Sounds, NYC

23-Apr-19 3 Dollar Bill, NYC

7-Apr-19 The Bowery Electric, NYC

4-Apr-19 El Cortez, NYC

23-Mar-19 Caffeine Underground, NYC

17-Mar-19 Trans-Pecos, NYC

28-Feb-19 Project Parlor, NYC

19-Feb-19 El Cortez, NYC

13-Feb-19 The Well, NYC

2-Feb-19 The Well, NYC

31-Jan-19 Gamba Forest, NYC

13-Jan-19 The Glove, NYC

12-Jan-19 Bizarre Bar, NYC

22-Dec-18 The Keep, NYC

19-Dec-18 The Footlight, NYC

15-Dec-18 One Eight Distilling, DC

1-Dec-18 The Well, NYC

11-Nov-18 Halcyon, NYC

7-Nov-18 Alphaville, NYC

31-Oct-18 Hart Bar, NYC

26-Oct-18 Smokes N' Jokes, NYC

23-Oct-18 3 Dollar Bill, NYC

4-Oct-18 Muchmores, NYC

23-Sep-18 Cult Party, NYC

8-Aug-18 Pianos Bar, NYC

7-Jul-18 Private Rooftop, NYC

21-Jun-18 Caffeine Underground, NYC

19-Jun-18 Alphaville, NYC

10-Jun-18 Alphaville, NYC

8-Jun-18 HECK, NYC

28-Apr-18 Hypercube, VA

23-Mar-18 Muchmore's NYC

23-Mar-18 Cult Party, NYC

13-Mar-18 The Bitter End, NYC

11-Mar-18 H0L0 NYC, NYC

9-Feb-18 Rose Gold, NYC

3-Feb-18 The Gateway, NYC

14-Jan-18 Halcyon, NYC

5-Jan-18 Caffeine Underground, NYC

24-Aug-17 Terra Firma, NYC

14-Jun-17 Brick and Mortar Music Hall, CA

24-Jun-16 Holy Underground, Baltimore

26-Aug-14 Paperhaus, DC

16-Aug-14 That Place By The Zoo, DC

2-Aug-14 Ezra Mae's, DC

24-Jul-14 Velvet Lounge, DC

22-Jul-14 The Lab, VA

12-Jul-14 Axum's Level X Lounge, DC

10-Jul-14 Velvet Lounge, DC

28-Jun-14 Sundown Fest, VA

27-Jun-14 The Untitled Music Festival, VA

26-Jun-14 The Lab, VA

19-Jun-14 The Pinch, DC

24-May-14 Joe's Record Paradise, MD

17-May-14 Comet Ping Pong, DC

25-Apr-14 Studio V Recording Studio, VA

18-Apr-14 Epicure Cafรฉ, VA

12-Apr-14 House Show, Baltimore

1-Jan-14 The Lab, VA

30-Nov-13 CD Cellar, DC

15-Oct-13 The Lab, VA